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Five Ways to Transform Your Love Life

I THOUGHT I KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS LOVE THING. I would shower my friends and family with good conversation. I would listen to their problems. I would give others my best. Even after my own sister opened up about loneliness and even after a few failed relationships, I still thought I knew what it meant…

Seeing Beneath What Seems

IT DOESN’T TAKE LONG TO REALIZE THAT SOMETHING IS OFF. The father rambled through dark alleyways believing strangers were his son. The daughter forgot what it felt like to moan. Church members claimed to throw bricks through home windows in the name of The Lord. Yet, rather than dismiss these characters as a group badly…

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The New Jim Crow

“THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.” It’s not the easy read you were hoping to flip through on the beach. In fact, this book specializes in making you uncomfortable. You can’t help but feel uneasy as you realize that even you have been complicit in the mass incarceration of African-Americans–or as Michelle Alexander terms it–The…

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Distinguishing Between Second and Last Chances

TWO MEN. ONE NAME. TWO FATES. The Other Wes Moore tells the story of how two men could grow up in similar drug-ravaged neighborhoods, but one would go on to become a Rhodes Scholar and U.S. Army veteran while the other would serve a life sentence in prison.

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Think Differently: The Tipping Point Book Review

“WHY IS IT THAT SOME IDEAS…START EPIDEMICS AND OTHERS DON’T?” “What can we do to deliberately start and control positive epidemics of our own?” Early on, Malcolm Gladwell arms us with these two questions as readers prepare to dive into his highly engaging and controversial book, The Tipping Point. Gladwell defines the tipping point as…