Dreads, Dreadlocks, locs, natural hairI woke up. I went to work. I came home. I went to bed. This was my routine every day until I decided I could no longer live a life without meaning. Like a reasonable twenty-something, I packed up my things and traveled over 800 miles away from home to teach English in China. Since I took that first step, nothing has been the same. I fell in love with travel. I fell in love with books. Most importantly, I fell in love with the ability to think about things differently.

I created Destination Booked as a space to challenge others to not only see the world, but to also view their role in the world differently. By inciting the desire to read, Destination Booked encourages you to dream worlds that are presently beyond imagination. By inciting the desire to travel, Destination Booked encourages you to make those dreams reality. Comment, Share, Discuss. Iโ€™m glad youโ€™re taking this journey with me.

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  1. It’s 12:56 p.m. EDT in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m sitting in my cubicle, easing my way back into work-mode after a modest walk outside and a pb & j for lunch…oh the monotony.

    Despite its brevity, my walk was pleasantly refreshing, and elucidating. As my eyes adjusted to daylight, I remembered how much I love being outside during the day, and I was frightened by the number of days – weeks – months – (maybe a year?) I had wasted away indoors. Then I had a really scary thought: what if this is the rest of my life? At a desk, inside, restrained in this structure.

    A flash of brazen self-determination came across me, and I lit up at the fantastical thought of walking out front door, instead of through the elevator door. But then fear struck. Am I ready? Can I live on pb & j, when I don’t have a choice? What if my ideas aren’t so great after all? What will my family say? What will my friends say?

    Well now, two elevator rides later, I’m back at my desk; fielding e-mails and inventorying my deliverables for the afternoon. Yet, my ambition is not completely forsaken. Because of you and this blog – which I revisited immediately upon returning to my desk – I have confidence that I too can muster the courage to answer the voice in me, calling me to do more. To explore life.

    Keep writing and keep inspiring!


  2. Great to find your blog, and thank you for following mine! I see we share a passion for books and travel. ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to discovering some Eastern locations through your posts – you might enjoy taking a little meander through Europe via my travel blog ‘Have Kids, Still Travel’. ๐Ÿ™‚ (www.havekidsstilltravel.wordpress.com) Bon Voyage!


  3. Hi! You’re so inspiring! Feel as though I share your same desire for travel while in the work force. I have questions! Are you teaching abroad? Did you find a job before you left or did you just go on faith? What company did you use if so? I’m so interested and I’m so serious. I just need a means. Please help. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank yo so much! I was accepted into a English Teaching program in China before I left my job. My program is no longer accepting applicants, but opportunities to work internationally abound. I would advise applying for jobs before making a big jump due to varying visa stipulations. My favorite website to search for job opportunities is http://www.idealist.org. Just type in your country of choice and the search begins. I hope this helps!


  4. You have a great blog. Your choice to move abroad and work allows you to share so much of yourself. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughts. I wish you much happiness and success, and safe travels!


  5. Hi,
    This is interesting. I don’t see a means to contact you here but I edit KWEE, the Liberian Literary Magazine and we would like to interview you amongst other things. I am using my Face book name so you can connect for more details. Thanks


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