What is Booked Kids?

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By promoting literacy in dynamic learning environments, Booked Kids teaches children to travel anywhere with a book. 

What We Do

We enable children ages 5-11 to discover new possibilities by designing educational trips within their community. The possibilities are magnified when parents are partnered with their children to complete grade-appropriate reading activities at a specified time during the trip.  By pairing reading with dynamic learning experiences, children are encouraged to become lifelong readers.

Where and When We’re Going

Once a month, in May, June, and July, we are taking DC metro area students on an exploration of their community! Students will travel to the National Zoo, museums on the National Mall, national parks, and more.

Trip Structure

Students will be paired with their parent for the day. If a parent is unavailable, a community volunteer will supervise the student throughout the trip. After lunch, the pair will complete one hour of grade appropriate literacy activities based on reading materials associated with the travel destination. At the end of the day, the students will be able to showcase their learning through video, art, or music mediums.

Learn More

Contact Deaweh Benson at benson.deaweh@gmail.com

for more information

Support Booked Kids through GoFundMe

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