This Should Not Be Reality

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THIS SHOULD NOT BE A CHILD’S REALITY, BUT IT IS IN AMERICA. This quote, taken from the “The Other Wes Moore” memoir, were rules that the author lived by every day growing up in Baltimore and New York over 20 years ago. Sadly, these rules still apply to many children today. Sadly, we see the pent-up angst that becomes full-blown anger, and we are confused at why people riot. When Freddie Gray died after being in police custody, we scoffed at rioters believing that they are counter-productive. We fail to understand their perspective. We ignore their humanity which compels them to scream aloud. It’s time for us to listen. Each and every one of us has the capacity to be a part of the solution. We first have to be willing to listen to the problem BEFORE angst turns into violent riots. The time to recreate our reality is now.

Read the full book review: The Other Wes Moore

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