My Sky Brown Momma

May this beautiful sky brown momma rest in peace

June 8, 2013 June 8, 2013 – She is so beautiful!

I remember the first time I read the phrase sky brown momma

Penned by Toni Morrison, I knew who she had in mind.

The sky isn’t brown, no

But the word sky is not to denote a color but more so a feeling

The sky is expansive

And so is the rise in your cheekbones, high enough for the sun to kiss

Gilding your face

Your light umber skin, stretched smooth across those cheek bones

Alighted with dark brown moles

The sky can take your breath away

And so you took mine.

I would sit and look at you,

Your hair, your skin, your laugh, your beautiful almond eyes, your full berry stained lips

And praise God for your beauty

Because not only did I see it,

I felt it

The rise in your cheeks as you smiled, your smell, your presence…

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